Enrichment Classes.


Give your child every advantage with our Enrichment Programs, supplemental educational opportunities that complement our core curriculum.

We offer a unique series of programs with coursework in reading, music, dancing, or a foreign language that you will not find at other early childhood centers. 
In addition to our curriculum we offer our families the opportunity to add on additional extra curricular classes for their little ones. Classes include Habla Espanol Spanish Lessons for Kids, Martial Arts Children’s Fitness, Dance, Science and Soccer classes.

With small class sizes, personalized experiences, and individual attention, your child can quickly gain new skills in important areas that are vital for future success in school and life.


Preschool STEAM

We believe that children learn best through play and the STEAM curriculum is an incredible way to insure that children get engaging hands on experiences that extend their learning and understanding of the world around them. STEAM is an educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as tools and experiences to help children develop critical thinking skills, dialogue, and a life long love of learning.

Our families can add on all classes or pick individual courses and they are held here at the center Monday through Friday. This option makes it easy to introduce your little one to dance, sports, and language without the added hassle of driving to and from lessons on busy weeknights or the weekends.



Creative Movement Dance Class

The class encludes dance, tumbling and creative movement with fun props and cool music!


Have you ever really watched a child move? Most parents of preschoolers notice the joy that movement brings into their child's live. And once this joy is noticed, parents might start thinking about dance class.


To understand the positive aspects of movement, all anyone has to do is watch the smile that graces the face of a child spinning and hopping to the beat. There is a sense of pride and self-accomplishment that comes with mastering the movements. But there are other, more subtle, benefits involved. Dances teaches preschoolers to interact with others, follow directions, and learn new vocabulary, increase vestibular development, help with balance, coordination, and agility, gain rhythmic skills and much more.


The music program traveling into preschools and teaching weekly music classes. Classes are totally interactive, high energy and action packed. Teachers use keyboard, voice and a collection of hand percussion instruments as well as other teaching materials to bring the excitement and joy of music into the lives of children.  A symphony of nature is waiting for children to discover with beautifully illustrated stories which come alive in the class.


Age: 1-2 years


Baby Mozart is an energetic class with loads of fun for the little ones involving dancing and movement, actions and improvisation. This program is designed to engage children through their inherent sense of curiosity and exploration. Children discover the joy of music while learning to express themselves through physical movements and developing a listening ear at an early stage.


Key benefits of this class include:

  • Building self-esteem and advanced motor skills as children enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves through singing and movement

  • Encourages exploration and sense of curiosity through the use of musical instruments and other interesting props

  • Fosters social skills through learning to take turns, sharing and interaction with peers

  • Creates bonding with parents/caregivers who are encouraged to participate actively



Age: 2-3 years old


Beethoven's Toddlers is a creative and exciting class designed to harness the toddlers' growing sense of independence and imagination. Children learn to perceive the emotions and moods of different music pieces and creatively express themselves through pretend-play, instrumentation and physical movements. This program intertwines musical experiences with children's understanding and knowledge of important early childhood concepts such as animals, numbers, colours, shapes etc. Through various games, story-telling and other fun activities, children are introduced to basic music theory in rhyming, tempo, singing, and, listening.


Key benefits of this class include:

  • Nurturing self-confidence, creativity and communication as children learn to express emotions that they perceive through music

  • Effective reinforcement of early childhood knowledge through music

  • Builds up music competence in a learning environment that challenges, excites and stimulates without pressurizing

  • Fosters social skills through learning to play as a team, sharing and interaction with peers



Age: 3-5 years old


Chopin Preschoolers is a program that advocates learning through adventure. The activities in this program are interesting, fun, and challenging while highly effective in solidifying the musical competence of preschoolers. In addition, a holistic approach is taken to provide an all-rounded education in classical music as preschoolers are introduced to other aspects of classical music by learning about composers and their compositions, identification of different orchestra instruments and improvisations.


Key benefits of this class include:

  • Cultivates understanding and appreciation of classical music through fun and engaging activities

  • Effective reinforcement of early childhood knowledge and skill sets through music

  • Enhances music competence in a learning environment that challenges, excites and stimulates without pressure

Super Soccer Stars
Science made Fun

Gymnastics offered weekly with a variety of exercises. Tip toe across the beam, roll down the cheese mat, and cartwheel on the rainbow. Our young gymnast’s are led through an action packed course over brightly colored equipment, learning a variety of gymnastic skills and stunts as they master the challenges in their path. They go from trampoline to balance beam and through the obstacle course at a preschool level of physical and motor fitness in a comfortable and challenging atmosphere.

This is a nature program designed especially for children. This exciting, innovative program educates children in a fun and adventurous way. Nature is brought right to our school, combining wildlife with everyday life!


General Facts - habitat, food, breeding, camouflage, defense mechanisms.


Goals of the program:


-to foster curiosity, imagination and the ability to observe nature in progress from a close up point of view
-to develop the ability of touching, feeling and seeing the animal in real life
-to minimize fear of animal contact
-to minimize animal violence among kids and teenagers
-the children will learn how to love, nature and the land within a very industrial world, how to protect nature and animals in the environment


Natural activities are an educational experience that approaches all senses. Nature you need to taste, feel, and hear!!!


An unforgettable and fascinating adventure for children

Kick & Play – 12-24 months

Kick & Play is a parent-child pre-soccer and movement program. Individual attention, positive reinforcement, and engaging original music help to develop pre-soccer skills that will have your toddler learning to balance, run, kick and play while having a blast!


Super Soccer Stars- 2 - 5 years

Super Soccer Stars teaches soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive and educational environment through age-specific curriculum, Low child-to-coach ratios and positive reinforcement ensure each child improves at their own pace while having a blast!

Parent Testimonial


"Our Son is 4,5 years old and was recently evaluated for Kindergarten and he scored above his age level. This is a direct indication of the Teremok curriculum. He is more than prepared for Kindergarten."    J.D.- LA, CA



Learning Spanish at an early age has a positive effect on intellectual growth. It enriches and enhances a child’s mental development, improves reading, vocabulary and comprehension in English. Learning Spanish also gives them the opportunity to communicate with people that they otherwise would not have been able to.

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